Should I live with a roommate of the opposite sex?

I am a female professional in my mid-twenties. I am looking for a new roommate, and have a potential one lined up. The only problem…it’s a guy! Intellectually, I know that guys can make great roommates. I have three brothers and get along well with guys but have never had a long-term male roommate. He is referred by a close friend who I absolutely adore, and they are very close. Several people in my circle of friends say he is great. I have met him, and he seems respectable and has a good job. We have good roommate chemistry, from what I can tell. I am just hung up on the fact that I grew up in a very conservative household where you don’t live with a man unless you are married.

Am I being irrational and sexist? Should I just give it a shot and see what happens? I can’t quite explain it, but I’m having trouble conceiving how I make this work. What are some tips and tricks that you would use for an opposite sex roommate? Obvious ones like “not walking around in your underwear” don’t really matter because I wouldn’t do that with a same-sex roommate, but you get the idea.

I love giving tips and tricks! And I’ve lived with a couple platonic roommates of the opposite sex over the years, and it was fine. You just have to keep certain boundaries, like your insightful decision to not walk around without pants.

Tip: Don’t invite any of your friends over if they’re good-looking, slutty, or prone to drinking large quantities of fruity alcoholic drinks in the middle of the afternoon. Your roommate will experience this once and then spend the rest of your time living together trying to get you to invite that girl over again.

Trick: Tell him that if, on moving day, he carries all of your heavy boxes up the stairs for you, you’ll do him a Very Special Favor. Then, after he’s finished moving, say, “I tricked you! I’m not doing any special favors.”

Tip: Have separate televisions. My most favorite boy roommate of all time was a wonderful man who watched Dawson’s Creek and Temptation Island, but other than that specific interest in those two extremely high-quality television shows, there wasn’t a lot of crossover. If you’re not bickering over watching football in the living room, you’re going to be much happier.

Trick: Suggest that you throw yourselves a housewarming party, encourage him to invite his rugby teammates and his fellow Future CEOs of America club members, but then forget to invite any other women so you can be the only girl at the party. I’m sure you could hold your own against any other woman in town, but really, why put yourself through the hassle?

Tip: Pay your bills and do your dishes.

Trick: Pay your bills and pay him a weekly allowance to do your dishes.

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