Do I have to be happy about a suprise vacation?

My husband just surprised me today with a long-weekend trip to the Caribbean. I’m trying not to be upset about it, but we’re leaving tomorrow and I really would have liked some time to prepare. Now I’m just throwing clothes in a suitcase, I have no time to get my toes done or a bikini wax, and I have to cancel some plans I made this weekend. He knows I like to plan for things…do I have any right at all to be annoyed or mad about this?

Yes. This is outrageous. Call your lawyer. And call Judge Judy and Dr. Phil and Barack Obama and possibly the Chief of Police. Every day people complain to me about their husbands who get drunk at inappropriate times and hate their mothers and won’t do the dishes and smell like rotten cabbage and won’t let them eat ice cream and then there is you; poor, poor you. Your husband wants to surprise you with a trip to a sunny island. What a horrible man.

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  1. Unsympathetic as well

    I like that you had time to write to Tochea.

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