Am I being naive or is he trying to get a little somethin’ somethin’?

I dated this guy a year or so ago, and we broke up under fairly good circumstances, so we are still friendly. He is actually dating someone who lives on the other coast, and she will be in California until the end of the summer for work. The other day he asked if I would come with him to pick out a new computer this weekend. I’m a little nervous about this; I think he might be a player and want something from me. Am I being paranoid or am I just naive if I assume he really just wants help with his new laptop?

I know this guy! I used to hang out with him. And then we stopped seeing each other. And then he was all, Can you come over and help me make cookies for my mom’s visit this weekend? And then all of a sudden making cookies turned into fending him off with a spatula because in the land of normal people, “making cookies” does not equal “trying to stick your tongue down someone’s throat while she’s stirring in the chocolate chips.”

In short: unless you work at Best Buy, there’s no reason why he needs you to come with him to pick out a laptop. Don’t go.

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