My kid peed on someone’s rug and I’m embarrassed.

I have an etiquette question: my daughter is 2, and peed on the floor while we were at a playdate. I don’t know the other mother very well; it was organized through our local mom’s group. Anyway, I cleaned up as best I could and carried on with my life. Then I emailed this woman with a question about something completely unrelated…and she wrote back, answered my question, and then asked if I knew how to get pee stains out of carpet because my daughter’s accident was never fully removed. I’m completely mortified. Should I have offered to get the carpet professionally cleaned? Should I offer now? And also, do you know how to get pee stains out of a carpet?

I like the Woolite with OxyClean spray the best, and I’ve tried almost every carpet-cleaning product known to mankind because not a day goes by when someone doesn’t barf, poop, or draw “a scary picture of a tornado, Mommy!” with a Sharpie on one of my rugs or my couch.

But I don’t think you should buy a jug of that and head on over to Princess Passive-Aggressive’s house. It would be just way too humiliating to kneel there on her floor scrubbing at some ancient pee stain while she stood there tsk-tsking, watching you, while you sweated and cursed and prayed to God that while you’re cleaning your two-year-old isn’t off peeing on some heirloom quilt or something. If you can afford it, have someone clean the carpet. Just call one of those places that go to the house, give them your credit card number, and then have her make the arrangements for when and where.

For the record, I think you behaved properly to begin with. I just think she’s an asshole and people like that are best handled by being over-the-top in your reaction to their ridiculousness. I also wouldn’t be friends with her if you can help it. I’ve had playdates at my house where, after my guests left, it looked like a small yet violent civil war took place in my living room, and it doesn’t bother me, because if you invite a bunch of toddlers and moms over to your house and accidentally drink too much wine in the afternoon and neglect the children while you have an impromptu Oasis-themed karaoke party, well, shit goes down that you might not have expected. If she can’t handle it, she shouldn’t have people over.

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  1. angelica

    Recently I had my friend And her kids visiting ,her 2 year old boy pooped and she changed his diaper ,aparently she left him with out a diaper and he peed in my carpet,I was very upset,who leave a non potty trained kid with out a diaper in somebody else’s house ,she realized he had peed in my carpet and didn’t do anything about it.

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