My husband made dinner…but only for himself!

My husband just made himself dinner while I was putting the kids to bed, and didn’t make me anything. I got really mad, of course, and he had the nerve to defend himself, and now we’re fighting. Am I wrong or is he?

He is. But I urge you to calm down a little bit before you start a fight and ruin the night; I doubt he did it out of malice. He just sounds kind of stupid. Once, a certain person I know was doing the laundry, and went to gather her husband’s dirty laundry from off the floor and under the bed where he usually keeps it, and it was all gone. So this person went and asked her husband, Hey, dude, where’s all your dirty laundry? And he was like, I washed it! At which point this person I know got super mad because hey, she was looking for his laundry to wash it for him, like she always does, and this husband had suddenly out of nowhere had the urge to wash some things and only washed his own stuff. (Not that she wants him touching her laundry and shrinking it all down to Barbie size, but that’s a different complaint…) This husband was confused and upset, because he thought he was doing something nice and good, and she thought he was being selfish.

So let’s just assume it’s a misunderstanding, and that your husband possibly thought you wouldn’t want what he was serving, or he had a small stroke right before he made himself something to eat, which affected his brain function severely enough that he forgot you were busy working while he was creating a gourmet meal for one.

Go ask him nicely to make you some dinner. I bet he will.

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