The holidays are approaching…let the in-law issues begin.

My in-laws are coming to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Last week, they asked if they could take my toddler son on the day after Thanksgiving two hours away to visit one of their family members. We rarely see my family, let alone my entire family, so I said no. Since then, they keep coming back and asking my husband in different ways if they can do this, and my husband is getting very exasperated. My mother-in-law is coming over today and I know it’s going to come up again. How can I make her understand, without pissing her off, that she is not going to take him that day, no matter how many times you ask?

The same question can be asked in a variety of manners, and luckily, NO can be expressed in a lot of creative and interesting ways. As many times as she asks, you can keep saying no. Eventually Thanksgiving will pass and she’ll start irritating you about something that involves Christmas.


Are you kidding me?

Oh, I don’t think so.


Not this year, but maybe next Thanksgiving!

Next time you come visit, for sure you can take him, but this holiday is special because my family is traveling from far away just to see him.

Absolutely not!


That would be lovely, wouldn’t it? But I’m afraid it’s not possible.



I thought we already discussed this.


I know it’s disappointing, and I feel bad about that, but you just can’t.


I’d rather the baby stayed here, but your relatives are welcome to come here.


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