My sister is mad at me over something ridiculous.

Tell me I’m not losing my mind. My niece’s birthday was ten days ago, and my sister just called me to tell me she had something she needed to talk to me about. She was upset at how impersonally I had written out the little cards attached to each gift. I wrote, “To Lily, Love The Smiths.” My sister said that she makes a point to write “To Jenny, Love Aunt Susie, Uncle Brian, Lily, Stella, and Mason,” on her cards to my daughter, and why didn’t I write it all out. I explained it was a space thing, plus we were there for her actual birthday, so she knew who the gift was from because we handed it to her. Am I nuts, or am I totally wrong for just writing “The Smiths”?

You are losing your mind, but it’s probably from having to deal with your sister your whole life, certainly not because you’re an ill-mannered boob who doesn’t know how to sign a birthday card.

I have a sister. Sometimes, we disagree. But it’s always about important things, like who gets to keep mom’s old pancake mixing bowl that’s half-melted from the dishwasher, or who takes longer to get ready to go out at night and therefore should shower first. We certainly wouldn’t fight about something ridiculous like a birthday tag. (I’ve dealt with those eensy-weensy little tags, and frankly, you’re lucky you could even write what you did on it.)

Your sister is picking a fight over nothing. Ignore her. You explained yourself, you didn’t do anything wrong, and there’s no need to apologize.

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