I’m jealous that I introduced my friends to each other and they get along.

Do you ever get jealous of your friends? Like, if you introduce two of your friends to each other and they strike up a friendship, would that annoy you?

Probably. But maybe only if they started hanging out without me. Then I would be totally jealous. And that’s okay! It’s okay to feel jealous and threatened. What’s not okay is to get all Jennifer Jason Leigh about the situation and go stabbing someone’s boyfriend in the head with a stiletto because you don’t want your friend to love anyone but you.

Don’t feel like a jerk, because it’s totally human to feel that way. Just think about what good fortune it is to have two friends who like each other. Maybe you can all go out and drink a bunch of wine together and be one big happy family. I know some of my favorite new girl friends were introduced to me by other friends (I’m talking to you, my little pork chop who doesn’t like to hide her light under a bushel!), and it’s just made life more fun.


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2 responses to “I’m jealous that I introduced my friends to each other and they get along.

  1. Shin

    yeah, it’s kinda annoying when they post pics of their all girls’ night outs without me. i hate it when they rub it to my face.

  2. Kpopcurl

    I am not always like that but, I hate to introduce friends coz then i always get left behind, and im like “beach, why did you do this to yourself?”… i have unique and different relationships with 2 friends in particular, and i find it really hard to rekindle friendships when two of them are there at the same time. I behave differently around each other, not to say that im fake with one, and then truly like the other though… hard to explain but our bonds as friends have been made because of the time we have together independently. When these two gets together, they make it super awkward for me. I have no privacy. Like do I have to tell everything i did with one friend to another?

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