My friend’s dad asked me out. What should I do?

My friend is really close with her dad. He’s divorced, and they spend a lot of time together, so I often see him socially when I see her. He also lives next door to her. I got divorced last year, and I’ve known my friend, and her dad, for a long time. He’s been very nice to me this past year, and it helped me get through a hard time. If I was over at her house, he would bring over a nice bottle of wine and we would all have a nice time talking. I’m sure you see where this is going…he asked me out today. He’s 25 years older than me. This is weird, right? What would you do?

The first thing I thought when I read your email was, “Is he hot?” Which means that my subconscious self thinks that if he is hot, you could somehow make it work. But then the second thing I thought was, “What a terrible, terrible idea.”

Even if he is hot, I don’t think you can go out with him. I’m trying to imagine the conversation you’d have with your friend: “Hey, Sally, is it okay if I do it with your dad?”

See? That conversation just couldn’t happen. And I don’t think you could go out with him unless you talked to her about it first. It seems like she’s a good friend to you, and I think good friends are hard to come by, and the potential disaster that could arise from dating her father is just too much of a risk.

Sorry. You’ll have to find someone else’s dad to make out with.


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