Do I have to share my Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scouts came today. I really want to eat a Thin Mint, but if I get the box out, my husband will want to eat some. He leaves on a business trip tomorrow, and if I hold out, I can have them all to myself. Am I horrible?

Once, we went on a trip to New York for the weekend and got my kids some famously delicious cupcakes. On the way home, I realized that they think Fun Dip is the height of confectionery sophistication, and that giving them these most perfect specimens of cupcakey delight would be a crime against baked goods everywhere. So I bought them each a pack of gum, hid the cupcakes until they went to bed, inhaled them myself, and everyone was happy.

If your husband’s sixth sense (touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, Girl Scout Cookie detection) isn’t developed, then screw him. Hide those puppies until he leaves, and then feast away.

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