I’m prettier than all my friends and it’s ruining their Saturday nights.

There’s no way to say this without sounding egotistical, so here it is: I’m very attractive by typical standards (tall, thin, blonde, pretty). But I don’t care about fashion, looks aren’t very important to me, and I don’t work out a lot or diet; this is just how I am. I know, that makes it even more annoying  Some of my close female friends who are not as attractive express envy in a way that makes me really uncomfortable. For example, they’ll say things like “Sometimes I feel bad going places with you, because you’re so pretty and I don’t look like you, and it makes me feel bad.” Or they’ll fixate on my body, and compare it with theirs. I don’t know how to respond to this. I try making light of it, and try to downplay my looks, and say things like, “You’re pretty too! And looks aren’t a big deal.” But that just sounds lame. It’s hard to pretend like I don’t notice all the attention I get when I go out with my friends, and they see it too, and it’s frustrating because I want them to meet guys when we’re out and it seems hard to do when I’m around. Is there a better way I can deal with this so that I don’t feel so uncomfortable and they don’t feel so envious?

Find some better-looking friends.

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One response to “I’m prettier than all my friends and it’s ruining their Saturday nights.

  1. zara

    first i know how you feel you have a clean heart and you take notice of other people feelings which is very kind of you now what you should do is that you should hang around with better friends or friends that are pretty like you so it is equal what your other friends are doing is they have YOU always in thier mind and find ways of looking pretty than you its like a competiotion first of all how can a friend make you fell bad on purpose just becuase your pretty let me tell you something if a fairy came and said to your friends do you want to take your friends prettines away and have it all to yourself they would say yes or do they may wish for you to be ugly so all the attention is on to them just find a friend who doesnt care about looks or has a nice personality i know i sound a bit unexperienced but that what i advise to do and i also advise you to take care of your education and not care about anthying elsee but you can have fun too bye hope i helped

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