Can I date my ex-friend’s ex-husband?

I was friends for ten years with a couple who got divorced almost two years ago. After they broke up, the woman got very angry with me for still talking to her ex-husband once in a while, even though I was equally as good friends with both of them. (They were friends with an old boyfriend of mine, and even after we parted ways I still hung out with them a lot.) She stopped speaking to me because of my contact with him. Now, the ex-husband, with whom I am still friends and still talk to, wants to go out on a date. Is it awful for me to consider doing this?

Even though you had nothing to do with their divorce, and it’s perfectly within the realms of acceptability to date this fine gentleman, it sounds like this gal is going to hit the roof when she finds out you’re dating her ex-husband. She’ll probably write mean things about you on Twitter and key your car in the gym parking lot and tell all of your mutual acquaintances that you have chlamydia, but if you’re cool with all that, then go ahead.

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