I’m an airhead. Help!

I come off as a total airhead, and I hate it. I’m smart and well-educated, but I have trouble focusing and I can be a little silly sometimes, which isn’t a great quality when you’re my age. I run the biggest account at my company, but I’m still perceived as a dingbat. How can I change this?

The other day I was putting gas in my giant, sexy, maroon minivan, and the gas wasn’t coming out, and I was getting really mad, and I was like, the gas pump is broken! My car is broken! My credit card is broken! Everything in the whole entire world is broken and not working and now I’m going to kick the concrete gas pump median and then report Mobil to the Better Business Bureau and I’m going to write a letter to Senator Patrick Leahy about this!

And then I realized that instead of putting the gas nozzle into the side of my giant, sexy, maroon minivan, I had put it back into the holder in the gas pump.

As a professional dingbat, I feel for you…just when you want to be taken seriously, people are like, “Do that thing again where you drink wine through your nose!” I fear that the damage is done, though. No one is going to think of you first when they need help doing their tax return, but so what? That’s boring. And someone obviously recognizes your value as a professional, because you’re running a huge account and haven’t gotten fired yet. As long as your ditziness doesn’t mean missing deadlines, forgetting to show up for meetings, or wearing your panties on your head during a client presentation just for fun, then I think you should be proud of your quirkiness and continue to rock at your job.

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