My sister-in-law is copying me.

My husband gave me a gorgeous and unusual necklace for my birthday. His sister wants their mother to buy one for her for Christmas. My mother-in-law called me today to ask me where it came from, and I told her I don’t know. I called my husband and told him that if his mother calls and asks, he should tell her he forgot where he got it. Am I being a baby? I don’t want my stupid sister-in-law to have the same necklace as me. She lives one town over and I see her all the time, and I know she would wear it all the time.

One time, one of my sisters-in-law was wearing the cutest pair of sparkly clogs (cute ones, not Swedish hippie orthopedic ones), and I asked, all casual-like, “Hey, sis, where’d you get those adorable shoes?” and she told me, and I went out the very next day and bought the exact same pair. In my defense, she lives across the country, and never knew I had them until this fall, which was about two years later. So it worked out fine.

Your sister-in-law, however, is way worse than I am, and I was totally shady about the whole clog thing. She should know better than to even ask. And frankly, your mother-in-law should know better, too, and shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. If your husband is comfortable with lying, then I say go for it.

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