My friend is obsessed with her diet.

I have a friend who has been miserable to hang out with ever since she has started dieting and not drinking.  I am completely supportive of her being healthier and not drinking if that is what she chooses, but I don’t know what to do about her being crabby and combative.  The only time she seems happy is when someone tells her she looks skinny.  I’m happy for her, but I find myself finding excuses to not hang out.

I used to work with this woman who was okay. She was sort of grouchy, but also really smart and funny, and if she liked my outfit she always told me so, which is a quality I really admire in a person, because sometimes I have great outfits.

Then this okay woman started a no-carb diet (this was back in the day when they were brand-new and everyone who was on the low-fat bagels-only diet suddenly started eating nothing but eggs and cheese all day) and in my mind I now see her as one of those drooling deranged wolves chasing that sleigh with the Russians in it who have to throw the wolves their baby so it leaves them alone.

My co-workers and I spent 90% of our days during her low-carb diet trying to figure out how to get her to accidentally eat a muffin so she’d cheer up and stop stabbing people with her eye daggers every time they so much as breathed in her presence. And then one day she went off the low-carb diet, or moved on to the next portion of the diet where everyone goes back to eating bagels, and she was fine again.

Hang in there. Maybe find some things you can enjoy doing together that don’t involve eating, drinking, or talking. Do you live in a warm climate? Could you snorkel with her? Eventually she’s going to relax, start eating things other than arugula and straw, and go back to her usual self. And if you really can’t be patient, ask her to spend the night at your house, and while she’s sleeping, shove a muffin in her face.


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