Does a teacher have to go to a student concert?

My husband is a teacher, and his students often invite him to their dance performances and piano recitals, as well as other concerts and various benefits for charities. Sometimes it’s the parents who invite him, and sometimes these events can cost $100 for a ticket. He wants to be supportive and feels like he has to attend if he is invited, but it’s getting expensive for us–he’s a teacher!–and I think it’s fine if he doesn’t attend. Who is right?

I love watching my kids sing and dance. They’re amazingly talented geniuses who can hold a tune and keep time like no other human beings on earth. But sometimes at a school show, the other children at the school have the nerve to get up there on the stage and force me to watch them sing and dance. It’s torture. So your husband must be the most patient person on earth or he’s completely insane, because if he has twenty kids in his class, and all twenty of them have at least one performance a year he has to attend, that adds up to…let me do the math here…TOO F-ING MUCH.

You’re right. He shouldn’t have to go to these things, and the idea of him paying to attend is just absurd. If the parents of these students are inviting your husband to a benefit because they want his support and to see his smiling, patient face, they should pay for his ticket. Otherwise, he can (and should) stay home, guilt-free.

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