Do I have to get my mother-in-law a gift for Mother’s Day?

Do I have to get my mother-in-law something for Mother’s Day? I can’t stand her, but she usually gets me a gift. I should get her something, right?

I’m about to suggest something shocking here, so hang on to your underpants: not only should you get her something, you should put some thought into it.

I know she made a passive-aggressive comment about your attachment parenting, and she sent your husband an email about women with borderline personality disorder and “accidentally” cc’d you, and she told your daughter that if she didn’t start going to church every week she was going to burn for eternity in the fires of hell and your daughter is only six, and she said your new haircut is nice if you’re a person who likes hair that looks like a helmet. I know. She did all these things, and more.

But she also gave birth to, and raised, a wonderful man who grew up to be your husband. For this, you can thank her, and buy her something she’ll really like.

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