Can I ask out my doctor?

I was getting a routine physical and there was a medical student in the office with my regular doctor. She seemed sweet and was pretty. Is it weird to call the office and ask her out?

Yes, absolutely. It’s weird.

I think you should just enjoy the memory of her examining your prostate and leave it at that. If you run into her another time, though, in another context, you may ask her out. (This is not permission to stalk her and “accidentally” run into her in the tampon aisle at CVS.) Also, I seem to recall some general rule, which clearly doesn’t apply in the land of Gray’s Anatomy, that doctors shall have no hanky-panky with their patients.

You just reminded me of a funny story about this hot medical student at my old pediatrician’s office. All the mommies loved him, and then one time my friend was at her doctor getting some moles checked or something equally unsexy and there he was, and it was so awkward she wanted to crawl under the table and remove her moles on her own.

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