My mother’s cat is an asshole.

My mother has a really mean cat. It is about five years old. It has attacked people and sent them to the emergency room, and causes all of the trouble but gives none of the rewards of having a cat. My mom is elderly and has dementia, but is still living at home with assistance. No one wants to go in the house with this cat, though. What is my responsibility to the cat? Should I try to give it away? Will anyone even take it? A shelter would be a death sentence and I don’t know if I can do that. I feel responsible toward my mother and her feelings for the cat, but I don’t think it can stay in her house.

My friend recently killed a cat (by accident) with her car, and when she told me, I felt bad because she had to deal with the people who owned the cat, but really, my first reaction was, “Who cares? Cats are assholes.” And when she informed the owner’s roommate that she had run over the cat, the roommate said, “That cat was a dick.” So. I’ll try to be objective.

Your mom’s cat sounds particularly terrible, and clearly shouldn’t be living in a house with an elderly person anymore, especially considering her health problems and the people coming in and out of her house during the day. Getting sued by a mauled home healthcare worker is the last thing you need right now. If you really won’t take it to a shelter, which is probably what you should do, you have two other options. Either place an ad on Craig’s List advertising just how terrible this cat is, and hope that some whacked-out crazy cat lover will see it as an opportunity to save a dead cat walking, or keep it yourself.

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  1. Cat’s are like people. They can’t all function in normal society.

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