About To Chea

Here’s some shocking news: after you finish your coursework for a graduate degree in creative writing, you don’t instantly become a famous, wealthy, highly-respected literary figure who gets to teach at Harvard and eat lunch at the White House. What happens, in my case, anyway, is that you finish your schooling, have a baby, and realize you worked so hard for so long so you can change diapers and hang out at the playground.

Many women I know in this situation started a Mommy Blog–that phrase makes me want to cry or punch something–but I decided that since I freakishly love telling people what to do, I have good instincts for how to deal with sucky people, and (not to brag) I’m usually right about everything, I would share my gifts with the world. You’re welcome.

Please note: This web site isn’t intended in any way to substitute for actual, real legal, medical or psychiatric advice. I know nothing about any of these subjects and am only offering my opinion based on personal experience and excellent intution (if I do say so myself). I am not responsible for what happens if you follow my advice, or if you don’t follow it. If you need actual legal or medical help, I urge you to seek it.