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Here’s where you ask your question, right in the comments section of this post.

It’s completely anonymous, I swear.

There’s no way I can tell who’s posting it. All questions filter through me before they’re published, so you’re not immediately announcing to the world that you’re thinking of leaving your husband or that you accidentally ran over your neighbor’s cat and told her that someone else did it.

Your email address is NOT required. Just skip that part of the comment form.

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11 responses to “Ask Me

  1. Jill

    you are fucking hilarious.

  2. Denise

    Oh my God! Your blog is awesome! I can’t believe we ran cross-country together in high school! This is like knowing someone famous!!!

  3. Stacey

    Alright, so my friend “stole” a babysitter from me before and now I have a new one, but tonight, she called me and asked me for the girl’s number and then got upset when I said that “I’m keeping this one for myself.” I never told her that I was upset about the other babysitter, because I didn’t want it to affect our relationship. Now she thinks that I not only have been stewing over this, but that I don’t trust her enough to use this sitter only once. What do I do? Give her a chance? Get a new sitter? A new friend?

    • Robin

      My husband and I will be going in November as well. This will be our snecod trip and we will try to get to Versailles or Giverny this time. There really is so much to see and do in Paris, you may find that you do not get a day trip in. We went for 8 days the 1st time and did not.

  4. Mr. Curious

    I was just wondering…are the stories that you mention from your life actually true? I guess they must be…otherwise you would talk about being outside with a guy in a lightning storm instead of smelling like onions 🙂

  5. Fluff P

    Stop being so hilarious. I need to go to bed.

  6. Jeepy Peepy

    I just had a baby boy. He doesnt cry much but he eats poops and sleeps like a champ. Am I doing something worng?

  7. Juk

    I like your idea here. I’ve been slow to realize some people no longer call me cuz of problems in my life. Course most of them did not get married, and even fewer have kids, much less as many as I have, and have a career that is stuck. Bla Bla. So I quit calling them and they will call me once a year and ask why I quit calling them. wth?
    Anyway, good luck!

  8. Anonymous

    No new posts since November? I hope all is OK tweaker 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Just found this site today looking up “Why people are always late”. WOW
    if just spent and hour reading your replies and loved every minute. Wish your were still writing-YOUR GREAT !!!

  10. just for fun

    Girls weekend Etiquette.
    Last weekend my best friends and I headed to South Beach to set aside our thirty something’s and engage in a rate moment of dirty something.
    Deep into the second evening while flopping our hips and heads to the best South Beach has to offer in 80s night and following a day full of the best spa experience ever, champagne at dawn, and follies for the ages. As I gather myself to the sexiest bartender on earth to order another cocktail in paradise My girlfriend, who apparently was homesick for her dungeon of the north, approaches me and says “I really feel that you do not take very good care of your health”.
    did that just happen?
    So does she genuinely care about me and just has poor timing or does she need to find a new South Beach girls weekend?

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