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Would you date a busboy?

If you were single, would you date a 47-year-old busboy?

Of course, as long as he also had also recently won the Powerball or was the only living relative of a very wealthy old uncle who was sadly in poor health. Or maybe if he were a famous Hollywood actor studying to play a busboy in a potentially Oscar-winning role. Or if during the day he was an investment banker and bussed tables at night just for the fun of it.

Okay, though, for real, would I date a busboy? Sure. Happy, well-adjusted, interesting people who are sexy and smart and good-looking do lots of different kinds of jobs, and if I were single, I would know that it doesn’t matter what a person does for work or how much money he makes. It matters if you like him and enjoy his company and want to make out with him. That’s all.

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