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This sounds fishy. And smells fishy.

Let’s say there are two people, one who worked late and another who was sick and spent the night before throwing up halibut. It got late and the dishes weren’t done…who should wash the fish dishes the next day?

The person who was puking, obviously. Leftover fish is nasty, and since one person was up all night barfing it out, that person has an empty stomach and has nothing left to yak out should the fish dishes smell so bad that they induce vomiting. (Do you like how many synonyms for throwing up I just used?)

The person who was sick probably sat around all day lounging around in his or her pj’s, watching Lifetime movies and sipping ginger ale. The other person was most likely working incredibly hard at his or her job as an oil rigger or a waiter in a very busy diner, and won’t be able to stand and wash the dishes when he or she gets home.

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