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Do I have to eat my in-laws’ nasty food?

We go on a family vacation to the shore with my in-laws every year. There are a lot of people there, and a lot of kids. We all share food, and my mother-in-law actually buys most of it. I don’t want my children eating all the processed junk my mother-in-law buys, like macaroni and cheese from a box, Doritos, etc., so I supplement with yogurt, organic fruit and vegetables, sugar-free applesauce, and other healthy foods. Every year I buy the extra items and every year the other children devour them. My mother-in-law is already paying for the house rentals and most of the food, so I feel uncomfortable asking her to buy special items, but the food she buys is not okay for my family.

Is it rude to label all the groceries I buy and ask the other family members and children not to eat it? I’m sick of buying things for my kids, going to the refrigerator, and finding that it has all been eaten, and I am unhappy giving my kids frozen pizza and bologna sandwiches. I do not want to cause a problem but the food situation is getting out of control and every year it makes me upset.

Here are your options:

1. Don’t go on the trip.

2. Buy all the healthy food you want, but make sure you buy enough for everyone.

3. Let your kids eat the frozen pizza and shut your organic, all-natural pie-hole. One week of junk food isn’t going to hurt anyone, but a week of self-righteously labeling your arugula is going to go a long way toward making your husband’s family want to drown you in a vat of sugar-free applesauce.

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