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Should I text her again?

I went on two great dates with a girl I really liked. I texted for a third date and didn’t get a response. Move on? Or reach out one last time? I’m normally pretty good at gauging whether or not I’m connecting with someone and in this case, I really thought I was. For context, we had loosely discussed a third date on our second, and a few days afterward as well (I proposed a later date and she suggested maybe even sooner). So I was sort of shocked when I received no response when I tried to make official plans last Thursday and I figure that if she was really interested she would have gotten back to me by now.

There is still some socially inept part of me that wants to follow up and reach out one last time in a “hey did you get my message last week?” sort of way, to ensure that my message wasn’t lost or failed to send on her side or something. But I also don’t want to put her on the spot in case she WAS blowing me off and in case she did in fact want to avoid the awkwardness of turning me down by just not responding (which I understand some people will do, in our day and age). The last thing I want to do is be one of those guys that creep out or annoy a woman who isn’t interested.

Is there any tactful way to go about this? Or is it time to pack it up and move on?

The other night I angrily texted my husband from upstairs like 37 times asking him to please turn down the television. I finally stomped downstairs all freaking out, only to discover that he hadn’t gotten the first 10 texts and slept through the next 27. Sometimes, people just don’t get texts. And sometimes you can convince yourself that your nice husband is intentionally spiking you by leaving the TV on volume 95 in the middle of the night. And sometimes you can convince yourself that the girl you had some nice dates with is ignoring you because she suddenly hates you.

Anyway, you’re exhausting. You just wrote two fairly long paragraphs having an anxiety attack over whether or not you should re-text someone. Just give her a call, for Christ’s sake, and ask her if she got your text, and ask her if she’d like to go out with you again. If she doesn’t answer, leave a message. And if you don’t hear back from her this time, don’t call again.

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