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My sister wants to help our step-sister out herself.

My sister thinks our step-sister is gay but doesn’t know how to “come out.” I think she wants to offer her some assistance. What do you think about this?

To borrow those famous words spoken by that wise sage Bethenny Frankel to Jill Zarin: your sister needs to get a hobby. Immediately. And it shouldn’t be setting up a home business as a life coach to the possibly gay and then loitering outside your step-sister’s bedroom, or selling crocheted rainbow flagsĀ  in the hopes that your step-sister will snap one up and reveal her true self.

There’s nothing helpful about offering to out help someone out herself…especially when said person hasn’t said anything about her sexuality to anyone. If your sister wants to be helpful, she should just be a nice, normal person who either is or isn’t friends with her step-sister. Basically, she should mind her own business and carry on with her life. If your step-sister comes to her for advice or help, then by all means, be nice and supportive and do whatever she asks. But until she brings it up, your sister needs to clam it.

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